Vixxie’s Holly Jolly Christmas

Vixxie’s Holly Jolly Christmas


The end of year festivities are traditionally the most delicious, entertaining and heart warming but also most definitely the busiest days of the year. ‘t Is also the season to get a nervous breakdown trying to juggle shopping for presents, food, find a new outfit, think of the all the new year’s resolutions one must come up with, visit all the must-see Christmas markets, panicking over the amounts of money you’ve spent.. all while keeping the friends and family happy with some acte de présence….

I spent Christmas Eve with my family at my parent’s home and got treated to one of the most succulent turkey dishes I’ve ever tasted. And as you know, great minds think alike. Because I had the exact same menu (down to the sidedishes!) planned for my table-for-two-Christmas’-day-dinner with Nir. My parents usually choose for a more exotic alternative of food on parties. For some reason, I can still remember the smell of that wild boar from ten years ago 🙂 Either way, let me assure you there was no turkey shortage in Vixxie’s life these past few days 🙂

(I also happened to forget my camera on my trip to Brussels, but that’s all right because I have that kind of family that goes through all the effort in the world to duck away under the table when they see a camera in a 20 meter square. No worries though, I have plenty of pictures from the days after to go around !)

So yeah. We are pretty fond of Antwerp, and I think Antwerp loves us right back. That’s why we decided to venture back into the city on Christmas day (despite the hordes of people with the same brilliant idea, as expected) under a magic spell of jinglebells, glühwein and smoutebollen.





And so another year went by pretty fast. Time flies when you’re having fun. It ain’t no lie !

Snuggles and Vixxie wish you the very best for 2016.


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