Vixxie’s belated NY resolutions in numbers

Vixxie’s belated NY resolutions in numbers



That’s the amount of days I needed to realize that I do want to commit to a new year resolution. 31 days of mentally preparing to say goodbye to my beloved liters of chocolate milk.


portions of fruit a day… who says healthy food can’t be fun?! I love love love love all the colours.



liters of fresh soup made last Saturday. Or that’s what it felt like at least. Leek-parsley, tomato-paprika, pumpkin and chervil-onion. Turned out to be roughly 19 portions of daily soup and they are delicious! Very healthy way to stuff your freezer. Next weekend I’m boiling up some brocolli soup and a carrot broth. Want a taste? 🙂





euro they cost. The weekly HelloFresh boxes I’ve been trying out. And they basically provide you with 3 days worth of dinner. It’s a bit expensive to be really honest, especially because it leaves you with 4 more days of supplying your own groceries… but then again. Have you ever shopped for “light” versions of specific A-brand foods? It’s pathetic how much one dares to charge just because #healthy is a trend these days. Absurd, because lower calories, less ingredients, less money, no? I’d kill for that logic.


percent of cooking FUN ! It’s not like I didn’t know how to make these easy recipes before, but it’s nice to add a new healthy twist to them and try to prepare them with at least calories as possible!





seconds a day worth of cross-training for the first few weeks. And it’s not even that much but I promise you it’s plenty to die, resurrect and die again. For 15 minutes straight.


muscles in every leg and arm I didn’t know I had.


new scale purchased because I could just not believe the amount of kg on the display on my old scale.


hours of gastric turbulence in my intestines after eating these barley pops. The same violent equivalent of salsify (schorseneren). The camera loves them though 🙂



hugs for my parents because I’m still ridiculously happy with the cooker they got me for my birthday.



Allrighty then, 47-ish weeks left to 2017 🙂

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