Vixxie & The Mom’s quick getaway to China

Vixxie & The Mom’s quick getaway to China


In Winter, when the darkness draws closer and the nights become longer… you can choose to hide under the duvet and hibernate.

Or you can take your mom for a stroll to the zoo at midnight ! And visit China Light – Antwerp 2016 edition.

So we did, and seemingly half of Antwerp, too. It was SO crowded. To get a pretty picture of all the light installations, it took us a fair bit of patience and an even fairer bit of elbow work. But we managed ! Two stronk stubborn women and an umbrella did just fine.


The first edition in 2014 was already very pretty, but this year’s brand new edition transformed the zoo into a fairy-tale paradise full of lights, with magical lanterns that glimmer throughout the night. Pandas and penguins, and giraffes, birds and butterflies. Larger-than-life flowers and creatures that only live in your imagination. They’re all on display, illuminating the park of the zoo. Like a magical menagerie, it’s really out of this world.

Funny conversations to be overheard from the lady behind us, too. “oh look it’s a big cow with lots of hair and horns… it’s a mammut !”
Or perhaps just a yak, you know =)

A bit of china on our very own soil.

Oh.. and guess what year 2017 will be? The year of the rooster ! Aka, moi.

The Chinese artists brought their big, colourful dragon (which was present in 2014 as well) to the Zoo again but also many other surprising new mythical creatures.

Or perhaps they were wild pokemons for us to catch ? 🙂

Simply enchanting ! And even more special to share it with my mom.



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