Vixxie is thinking about being taught

Vixxie is thinking about being taught


Out with the slacking, in with the new. I’ve been thinking about being taught.

Last time I went back to the school books, I started studying the Russian language. But then my relationship ended and I threw them books on the winter bonfire together with his pretty lies and his definition of loyalty. The odds of me ever being in need of my Russian knowledge were as good as unexistant anyway. I have yet to discover the first benefit of being able to read cyrillic script.

Better than to learn something for a situational significant other, is investing time to improve your own career possibilities. Hence my current spur of the moment. Lately there’s been a growing thurst for personal development. I was just cruising through salary barema’s online and I got a no-less-than-sensational slap in the face. Not the one I can sue for, but the one that made sure I was wide awake when I saw what I _could_ be earning. At the same time I also found out what some other colleague (manager) earns while mastering nothing but Outlook software and delegating skills. If you can even call it that, all she does all day is bark like a Great Dane. Honestly, it’s repulsive.

No matter how much I truly love my job – and I DO take all the artwork I produce at heart -, earning and spending money the rate at which I do, is getting me nowhere further than a rental apartment. I know that even so, I am in a luxury position being able to afford the quality of life that I do in comparison with the salary/quality ratio of other countries, but it’s a bother none the less considering I have the right qualifications and over 10 years of experience. I guess that’s what you get when you start to work as a designer hidden underneath a marketing assistant title. Graphic Designer doesn’t fall under the common administrative denominative, it’s a collection of technical skills. Something a lot of newly starter-designers are only aware of after years of being paid like a clerk employee. $$$ka’ching in your manager’s pocket, you fools.

You do not want to see the productive rate of artwork I spit out on a daily basis. It would dazzle many freelancers. I could probably even own my own house by now should I have been justly rewarded for the corporate identities that flourished by my touch and commercial websites I have created and maintained. Yet again, I find myself fighting the feeling of being skimmed like a glass of cow milk or having my sheep’s wool shaven off regularly while managers gift their offspring houses worth 15 of my yearly untaxed salaries.

And here I am, currently begging on my bare knees since a couple of weeks, waiting for my ceo’s decision to grant me an educational allowance (of which I am legally entitled and which doesn’t cost his company a single cent, by the way. It is governamentally subsidized). Because saving up a grand is not exactly my forté with that salary of mine.

Regardless of the financial outcome, I’m going to acquire myself the title of Art Director.


The studies comes in several modules:

  • Communication Management on bachelor’s degree level,
  • Copywriting module,
  • Marketing and Publicity psychology,
  • a small module on Digital/Social Media Marketing and
  • a full course of Graphic Designer with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign CC2014 software.

Fortunately I’ve been able to call myself a professional graphic designer for well over ten years now and I work with Adobe CC on a daily basis, so that last module should be a walk in the park. For the past 6 years I’ve been part of a marketing team and I’ve seen the wells and woes of that department, so I’m hoping parts of the other modules will touch some common ground as well. Then there’ll be a fancy little series of exams which will lead me to the final result: an official paper with the trendy words “Art Director Diploma” on top of it.

If everything goes according to plan, this should keep my achievement-in-progress to be a perennial student going for a good couple of years.

Oh, and I’ve also laid eyes on some really awesome “auto-didactical” guitar lessons because rotating hobby and career time allocation is a double win strategy, right?

After all, a day consists of 24 hours of which I only sleep during 5 of them.








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