Vixxie gets homesick once in a while.

Vixxie gets homesick once in a while.


Yes, I get a bit homesick once in a while, especially when I’m reading Libelle, my favourite magazine, on Thursday and this pops up: Spring in ‘t Hallerbos


(the article is in Dutch, apologies but I won’t translate it)

Hallerbos is a forest not even ten minutes away from where I was raised. When I remember my roots, the lack of proper interest I showed towards nature around me when I was younger and the opportunities I missed to fully enjoy it… yeah, it stings. I live in the thriving heart of the city now, due to professional reasons. I found it rather murderous to travel over 3 hours on public transport every day to get to uni/work while living in the suburbans. Today, I guess one only fully appreciates what she had, when she doesn’t have it anymore. Or at least not every single day. I think I know where I’ll be heading in one of the upcoming weekends !

Walk with me, it’s truly magical 🙂


We had plenty of wild purple hyacinths in the back garden. Just growing, carelessly.. wildlings minding their own business in all eternity. And we had a magnificent white Lilac tree, of which we used to clip branches every spring to make a bouquet to gift to my grandmother. And poppies, gosh, did we have poppies in the fields just behind my childhood home.

And squirrels, that my mum always used to feed ! Mmm.. memories.



If you’re not particularily fond of trees and a bit of mud on your shoes, there’s always just a walk in and through the fields of Eden in the Valley of the river Zenne.


So who says you need to travel great lenghts to find natural splendor? No, I don’t think so. It’s really just around the corner so to speak.

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  • Mams

    Yeah….we didn’t enjoy this outstanding natural beauty when we had it on the doorstep…and now we miss it sometimes, isnt’it?
    Who said that the grass is always greener on the other side of the road?

  • Vixxie

    Fact is though, when you have a forest straight across of your front porch, the grass IS actually greener on the other side of the fence… for real! Haha 🙂

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