Vixxie cherishes her mother #mothersday #didnotforget #hooray

Vixxie cherishes her mother #mothersday #didnotforget


For my amazing mum, my biggest fan and my most loyal reader 🙂


Dear mum,

You’ve guided me through my entire life, since I was a baby. Whether I was just cruising by or sprinting at high speeds, you’ve supported me when I fell and you encouraged me when my energy seemed depleted. Whatever I needed, it was always right there. When I needed bravery to try something new, you pushed me forward. When I needed comfort in stressful situations, you always made the time to talk me through it. When I needed help, you were generous and gave me lots of it, whether it was money, advice or little pots full of delicious leftovers from the freezer. When I needed balance to keep myself moving forward, you straightened my mind. Over and over again.

And we know it’s not always been easy. There was a bit of arguing. And then some more. Okay, there was a lot of arguing when I was trying to find my way through the maze of puberty. I thought you didn’t understand and you thought I wasn’t doing it right. But I get it now. And you get me now. Every day forward, I am one step closer walking in your footsteps and thinking what you were thinking, when nothing made sense to me. No matter how angry I was at you, and how disappointed you were in me… you never stopped cooking all the meals you did. The clothes you bought, the endless taxi services, the tears you wiped away. You never for a second stopped giving me the unconditional love that no one else can match. For all those moments where I felt the world collapsing on my face, and there was nothing else I wanted than a hug from my mummy. You were there.

You’re better than any teacher I had at school. You were the “How To Run Your Life” teacher without telling me what to do at every step of the way. You allowed me to make my own mistakes and learn from them. Even today, when sometimes we disagree about a certain matter, you gracefully take a step back to allow me the space I need. But you’re always there to help me pick up the pieces when it turned out I was wrong. You taught me to treat others and myself with kindness. You taught me how to organize myself so I could find what I needed when I needed it. You taught me to be like you. No matter how much I once wanted to be everything you were not, after coming to age, you are exactly the person I want to be.

Thank you for being so kind and generous. You had what I needed at all times. Thank you also for often letting me know that you and dad are proud of the person that I have become.

Thank you for being my hero, still and especially, after 33 years.

Love you

Kindly handing over the tissue that I may have needed myself while writing this letter x


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  • Mams

    Oh, the way like you write this, it seems so nice… and I love it of course.
    But…I remember 25 years ago, you wished to be adopted by another family hahahaha.

    Anyway, you didn’t forget me and I love you to and everyday more and more.

    Thanks for your lovely message.

  • Vixxie

    <3 You know what they say mum and I can testify that this is true: good sense only comes to you in time ('t verstand komt met de jaren). Before you come of age where you are responsible for your own fortune, you never realise what it takes. You only appreciate when you understand its value.

    And I think it was longer than 25 years ago. Thanks to you, who made this really nice folder for me with memorabilia, I still have that poem ! :)

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