Vixxie’s haunted Halloween.

Hallow’s End is a wonderful event in Black Desert Online. The whole game is turned into a paradise of pumpkins, funny and creepy decorations and whole towns and cities turn into Burton-inspired venues. So this year, Suma and Sage took a walk in Wonderland. We changed into the Queens of Hearts, we got our super scary masks on and had a blast in the haunted doll village of Florin. We has SO much fun, it even inspired me into writing my own Halloween ghost story, which you can read here.

And for the album full of memories: this was Halloween 2020! 

Suma and Sage become living dolls in the haunted town of florin

Sumanhi claims the throne of roses

Suma kicks Alice out of wonderland and takes her place at the tea-time table

Suma and sage behead the evil witch and turn into the queens of hearts.

Suma and sage give jason and freddy a run for their money

Suma needs a selfie with every pumpkin in town.