Vixxie searches for another #100 days of happiness

Do you remember what happened in the year 2014? I know right, I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night, so I’m not blaming you. But in 2014, I completed a challenge that I hadn’t even considered participating in. 100 days of happiness: write about or photograph one of those little (or big) things in life that make you happy and do that for 100 consecutive days. Now, some people wouldn’t break a sweat over this, but I’m not exactly your happy-go-lucky-kinda-gurl. I still waddle through my fair share of inner turmoil. For people like me, and most of us (I’d assume), happiness is erratic. We all know it’s pointless to chase, impossible to capture and futile to hold on to but we still keep trying. After finishing the last #100happydays challenge, I’ve found that with some effort, we can find little things in every day life that make us smile and give us a good chunk of positive energy, no matter how small they may seem. I really do believe life is beautiful if you know where to look. 

#1 ♥ September 1st

Happiness is: baking banana bread and nailing it. I’m not the biggest fan of baking, I prefer cooking. But the smell of fresh bread seeping through the door of the oven, that may just be the best thing ever at breakfast. 

#2 ♥ September 2nd

The Hashashin dug himself out of the Valencian sands (Black Desert Online). And a new season has started! I had SO much fun on Daiyu – in Pyrrow’s amazing company last time, I can’t wait to play our desert rats 🙂

#3 ♥ September 3rd

Happiness is: putting clothes on in the morning.
You know the feeling in the weekend when you stretch out loud in bed and think “yeaaah. I’m so gonna stay in my pyjama’s all day!” Amazing, right? Even more so when you manage to not get busted by your neighbour or a surprise visit from family. Well, my weeks have become weekends and ever since I’ve been working from home, I’ve been cultivating my inner slob. She loves oversized-shirts-only days and out-of-bed hairdooz so trust me when I say that opening up my wardrobe and getting my fanciest jeans out on a Thursday for no reason AT all, felt really refreshing ! I even took out a necklace. Woah.

#4 ♥ September 4th

It’s Friday and pizza day! That’s a good enough reason to be a happy! But it’s also almost Autumn and I can feel the tingles in my belly.
It’s almost time for the winter child to surface. Energy is coursing through my veins and I’ve given my home a good scrub today. It smells awesome! Orange blossom everywhere ♥

#5 ♥ September 5th

Happiness is: seeing your mum and dad again after 8 long months of absence. My parents  don’t exactly live close by. I moved from my parent’s home to another province after college, after which they moved to the seaside even further away from me. So we don’t always feel like driving 4 hours by train to see one another, but with corona locking us all in our houses, the wait felt extra long and extra tedious. Yeah, that big daddybear-hug felt extra tight today 🙂 Add to that a delicious meal from our favourite Chinese take-away and a good reason to take out my new lovely porcelain dinner set… you got yourself a recipe for success! 

#6 ♥ September 6th

#7 ♥ September 7th

Happiness is also sometimes being able to accept that there are days where everything goes south. Days where your favourite game crashes and won’t start up again and you spend hours and hours trying to fix a problem with no solution. Days where you are summoned to work and have to expose yourself to sess pools of corona like buses just for a meeting and a sandwich. There are days like that, too. But days like these also make you realise that your loved one truly is your life support and that no matter what happens, he will always have your back and sing the song of your heart when you have briefly forgotten how the melody sounds.

#8 ♥ September 8th

Little furry visitor on the bed this morning ♥

#9 ♥ September 9th

The new Ikea 2021 catalogue arrived ! Let’s not pretend I haven’t been looking forward to this for almost a year. It’s time to plan our hygge home. And look.. the cover has a blue sofa… it’s a sign! Time to dream away in the stream of endless possibilities that the future will bring.

#10 ♥ September 10th

Our company’s meeting room is getting a new pretty dress in the shape of Ikea’s Elvarli storage units and will become a polyvalent showroom. Putting furniture together is oddly therapeutic. Finding happies, one cabinet at the time.

#11 ♥ September 11th

It’s impressive… My Dub-approved Urban Jungle is thriving! Thank you very much “Plant-it”-app for reminding me to water my amigo’s every day!

#12 ♥ September 12th

Speaking about plants…. They planted a seed in my brain. My company is looking for a mobile solution for their employees since corona seems to be around for half a freakin’ lifetime. I think I was able to successfully avert a mini-tower crisis as they are now contemplating on replacing my PC work station with a laptop. Hoozzay. I didn’t manage to push through for the wacom touch-screen last time around, but perhaps I may just get my little way with a microsoft surface laptop… or the new Dell XPS 15 touch… Can’t be anything but a massive upgrade anyway since  they have me working on an old i5 with an nvidia gfx 650. Fulltime designer and all ‘yo. LOL. 

#13 ♥ September 13th

New to the family: viking guardian gurl! ♥ #BDO

#14 ♥ September 14th

The showroom is just about done! Waiting for the final shelves delivery now. Fun.. hearing from your boss “We did sooo well !!” when I’m the one with the broken back and sore knees while she came upstairs ONCE, to inspect the result.

#15 ♥ September 15th

It’s hot like the devil’s fuckin’ butthole. It’s gonna be a very nice after-summer, they said. It’ll be lovely, they said. 34 bloody degrees up my arse again in mid September. 31 in my apartment. My knee hurts so much I can barely walk. My back is done, my feet are swollen. I didn’t sleep, I’m not exactly in a peachy cheerful mood. Although there is a thought on my mind today that has been floating on the water’s surface like a safety buoy. Winter is coming. After this week, all you sun loving cabróns can suck my big toe. Time to get all the patio chairs in. Farewell wine-sipping, bikini-wearing bitchacha’s 🙂 Autumn. Winter. Fog. Snow. Ice. Hail. Minus. My time to shine !

#16 ♥ September 16th

#17 ♥ September 17th

As for yesterday’s video, I hope you had a hoppy day because those little goats in pyjama’s sure are an instant source of hoppiness 🙂 If you wondered, they dress up siblings in matching jammies so they remember which baby goats belong to the same mummy goat! Clever 🙂

Today, I finalized something I have been working on for a while for TE-group: a new logo and identity for our Mr Safe brand. Long overdue, I became so annoyed with the 20 year old previous dull version that looked wrong and imposing no matter where I tried to hide it in… 
Out with the old, in with the new ! 

#18 ♥ September 18th

Time for the Friday ritual routine of Happiness: Finish up work + Order chicken-mozarella-onion-garlic-tomato pizza + launch Flix for some quality binge session. We finished “Queen of the South” today, and we loved it. Not sure why it is so grossly underrated, though. It got me hooked.

#19 ♥ September 19th

Yesterday was N.’s birthday and he got a whole new set of gaming apparel for his rig. He man-handles those poor electronics. Me however, I go so many years with the same gear that I can eventually end up selling them to an antique shop. I figured today was as good as ever to give my razer gear a scrub. 4 years of squeaky clean!

#20 ♥ September 20th

And sometimes, that’s all it takes to put a smile on my face! =) “Haribo c’est pour la vie, pour les grands et les petits!” Nostaaaaaalgia!

#21 ♥ September 21st

Do you know the feeling when you finally manage to beat the master? My parents are excellent cooks, but my vol-au-vent with rosemary twist is divine. Of course they will never admit my dish beats theirs 🙂

#22 ♥ September 22nd

 It’s my love anniversary today 

If there is one thing in this life that makes me happy, it’s waking up every day and realizing that I am one of these people who found true love. That I am a ridiculously lucky booger who’s got a significant other that loves me to absolute bits, respects me, treats me kindly and patiently, looks up to me and puts me on a pedestal every single day. He also tells me every day how beautiful I am to him and how much he loves our relationship. Looking at him and listening to him still causes my heart to summersault, after all these times spent together. Cheers, to plenty more years of love and companionship to come.
I love you to the moon and back. <3


But today is also fall equinox! Double happies, because my favourite season starts today. Autumn is finally here! Check out my dedicated Mabon 2020 post for more Autumn magick.

#23 ♥ September 23rd

Happiness is: finally managing to baking a corn bread that doesn’t fall apart when you take it out of the skillet. One that also tastes incredibly good with the pumpkin soup that accompanied it. Autumn foods are just instant happies.

#24 ♥ September 24th

I bought a batch of incense at the shop but got reminded pretty quickly why I stopped doing that. They smell so incredibly artificial. Soapy, even. Today, in a flash of inspiration, I ordered dried spices & makko powder. I’ll make my own!

#25 ♥ September 25th

10y old drum talent Nandi Bushell vs Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters: round 2. I always loved Mr. Grohl but this is just #EPIC! 🙂 Even though I would not want to be Nandi’s neighbour lol.

#26 ♥ September 26th

Happiness is getting up at 8 in the morning on a Saturday to put your wellies on and journey to the orchard for public harvest day! There is no greater joy than picking your apples and pears right off the tree and take all that delicious loot home, thinking of everything you want to cook and bake with it! ♥

#27 ♥ September 27th

You know you’re having a lot of fun when your kitchen looks sort of like this ! 🙂 

#28 ♥ September 28th

Corona is on my mind. Relentlessly and all the time. It’s not a big secret that I’ve been suffering from light anxiety and overall malaise. Not even because of the lockdown / isolation because I have no problem being at home without social contact what so ever, but because of the slowly increasing fear that we will never see the end of it. But today, it’s exactly 92 years ago that Fleming discovered penicillin thanks to one of his fungi. An accidental discovery that changed the course of medicine. And that sparked a bit of courage in my weary mind that hopefully by the end of March, we will have vaccines ready as they predict and we can put all of this behind us.

#29 ♥ September 29th

Ah, the story of the Whirlpool washer. This story compares more to a soap. Pun intended. Since my old Bauknecht broke on me after 11 years of loyal service, I’ve been frustrated trying to get laundry done. My new machine randomly stops washing, rinsing or swirling whenever it feels like it and then goes catatonic. Last weekend, it took me 7 hours to get 1 laundry “done” and it came out stinking wet. >.> So when the tech came by last week, adhering to the laws of Murphy, the little shit worked fine and no failure was detected. 5 mins after the guy left, it jammed again. Mental breakdown. Today though, I just put laundry on in the morning and by the time the tech arrived, the problem was present and… tadaaa I’m getting a new machine. Finally. 

#30 ♥ September 30th

I don’t usually craft much on week days because I never feel like cleaning up the mess after, but today I was in that little mood. Thanks to my friend K. for the nice idea: how to upcycle your empty milk cartons into waterproof herb pots. ♥

#31 ♥ October 1st

It’s Official: Study Finds That Watching Cute Animals is Good for Your Health“. If this is true, I am going to live forever, you guys! ‘Seeing adorable animals actually helps to reduce stress levels in humans, researchers at England’s University of Leeds have found.’ I may just have found the fountain of youth 🙂

#32 ♥ October 2nd

Ah! Friday! Finally found some time to sort out the loot I brought back from my lovely forest walk earlier this week, and get my crafty-hat on. Gawd, autumn is too effing awesome.

#33 ♥ October 3rd

So you know, that ‘home alone’-quality weekend you’ve been looking forward to for a whole month, including all the wonderful me-time activities you planned along with it while having the whole house to yourself? I managed to find myself incredibly moody halfway through, felt lonely and started a big autumn closet clean because whoosj, how long can one hour feel like when you are truly in that bored-out-of-your-skull mindset? Seriously? Even the cat spent most of the Saturday tucked away, sleeping. Well, at least charity will be happy with two whole bin-sized bags of recycle clothes.

#34 ♥ October 4th

Got a goodie bag at Medpets today for World Animal Wellfare Day. That is one happy Dubdub!

#35 ♥ October 5th

Allez. “The bullet is through the church” as we say in Flemish. Yes, we have the dumbest idioms. (But still not as dumb as some Danish ones!) My employer decided to go with my advice and is getting me a flashy Dell 15 XPS 9500 (2020) laptop for home office! Ah, feeling inspired already ! Is it Christmas yet??!

#36 ♥ October 6th

Did you look up at the sky lately? Should have! Because today, Mars was casually cruising by really close, only a bit farther away than in 2003 or 2018. October 6 of this year presents Earth and Mars closer together than they will be again for another 15 years. (About 62.07 million km from us!). Being a night raven and all, I stayed up a bit late today, hoping for some clear sky and a bit of luck to spot that tiny orange dot in the lit sky. Light pollution in the city is no joke though, it wasn’t easy to spot but I eventually managed, just before heading to bed! Mars will remain dazzlingly bright in our sky for all of October, if you missed it.. you still have time!


#37 ♥ October 7th

First Black Desert Online screenshot from the new zone: O’dyllita. New adventures await for Suma and Sage! (Looks promising, Sage being one-shot by a monster in the crypt of the resting thoughts). Her dead body was resting for sure 😉

#38 ♥ October 8th

Christmas does come early this year! We were hesitating to get the touch-version of the new XPS laptop but I then decided to go with the good old graphics tablet instead. It arrived today, and … oh damn, that’s gonna take some practise!

#39 ♥ October 9th

Coming Soon


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