Vixxie’s Cribs Remastered [BDO]: Heidel

Black Desert Online Housing

First things first: What is housing in BDO? It’s a small part of the sandbox MMO, where you rent a residence with a certain lay-out and fill it up with furniture and decoration you’ve collected from quests, events or shopping sprees. And as it so happens, it’s one of my favourite pass-times (along with horse breeding). 


During certain times, events occur. Halloween is one of those events where all the cities get decorated in pretty red and orange patterns, evil Jacks lurking around every corner, and beautiful eerie lanterns shine proud against the gorgeous backdrop of fall foliage and blood red moonrises. It’s a lovely time for ingame photography and don’t they know it. There are screenshot competitions every year around this time. For the 2022 edition, I’ve taken a crack at interior housing.

Invitation to The Last Supper