Vixxie’s blessed and snowy Yule.

We are STILL stuck in the house. Thank god we STILL have Black Desert Online to warm our hearts this Christmas Eve. And while it’s sweater weather ingame with beautiful snowfall and white-washed vista’s as far as the eye can see (unless you play on a potato like S. and you don’t see any snow at all, tough luck, bro!), we just spent typical winter holidays in game. Suma ambushed Sage with snowballs while Sage played Greatfather Winter spoiling me with presents. Suma dressed up like Elsa in the frozen Terrmian winterpark while Sage did his goldfish thing and forgot to do the dailies and thus missed out on the free snowglobe for our home interior. She did NOT forget to pose her gorgeous ass in front of the Yuletree for a selfie. Suma claimed the frozen throne while Sage claimed the winter buffet and the cake. We made snow angels in the white carpet with Hocha and Chacha, the snowrabbits. We downed angry snowmen with our mad snowball throwing skills and snuggled up in the porch sofa with hot cocoa after. You know, the usual. 

And so it turns out time STILL flies when you’re having fun !!

And now that the winter holidays are coming to an end, we have a fresh new adventure lined up:
a new season and a new character to get into – Nova. The REAL frost queen 🙂