Vixxie graduates from Autumn Season School 

Aaaand done ! 

Scyroco Jadefyre and TrueSimp (if the shoe fits, haha) Klassika, aka ‘the noob shins’, got their graduation certificate. Eventually. If I were to compare myself with a college student, I would be that clueless high-school drop-out. And TrueSimp would have been that last chance third-seat rebel that never studied :)) Gawd, hashashin was SO not my class lol. I never really found my comfort zone in either casting or melee range. But it was fun levelling none the less. A bit of a weird season compared to the first, with having to first work our way through a whole gear set for beginner, and then another more advanced one, which felt like having to start over with a lot less materials to do so than last season. And there was the fact that awakening for the class came waaaaaay after we finished levelling for it. Eventually, it turned out that awakening was not bad at all, it looked amazing with all the sand effects and the desert dragons.  But even then so, after a while and some weekly quests, we got tired of playing in the dirt pretty fast. Put our shovels aside, crushed our sandcastles and moved on to the next flavour of the month.

And there we go, another booth full of memories shared together in great company.

Next in line: NOVA the glorified frost-nun ! 

Winter season just started and looks promising, even though they totally robbed us from our ‘free’ premium costume. Greedy goblins!

From playing with dirt, to playing with snow. Sancthi and Uzarae are ready to roll (in the frost particles. Like snowangels, really!). 
We got the names right this time ’round. What a great start!