Vixxie cracks the Mysteries of Summer puzzle 

It is the first and the last time that I participate
in a competition in any game from Korean origin.

There, I started with the conclusion of this blog post instead of finishing with. Keeping it fresh, and all. Change is good for you, yo. Live a little!

Players were asked to give feedback on the whole experience and my text didn’t fit into the maximum characters allowed on discord. I’m pretty sure they would disapprove of a picture of my middle finger too. Hence why I’m gonna make a cute little feedback post instead.

Asians have different standards altogether when it comes to dedication and effort/money/time spent in a game. I already knew from the first day I started playing Black Desert Online, that I would never be a top dawg. People who play games casually and have a day time job, don’t feel like committing that much. But in BDO, the time you need to spend to level and progress your character is stupidly high. Fortunately it is not required to enjoy the game and play it like I do, dipping my toes in everything but not being serious about anything at all. Shit, I have become one of those filthy casuals! Either way, whenever there is an event, a challenge or some new land, character or story to explore, I’m ready to set sail. This time was no different. 

The mysteries of summer sounded really cool: A secret quest line to puzzle out, figure out mechanics in different stages and work together with the server to solve the mystery. Fun, no? The rewards were pretty nice too: a goodies bag full of in-game buffs and a special coloured title. I didn’t care much for the title anyway, but I know most people did. This was the second of the third  time it had been done, but I didn’t play back then so I didn’t know what it truly required: blood, sweat and tears. Many tears. And many evenings of cursing out loud, transcription being “how can 18 quests turn into 18 frustrations in a matter of minutes”. 


Figuring out the secret stages

There were a lot of hints and different groups of people working together to find the solutions to the quests and what to do for them. And they were bloody fast at figuring it out! Yeah, those treasure seeking vultures are in some autistic league of their own when it comes down to figuring out “hints” from the game moderators. But thank you anyway. Guides were written and youtube video’s were made from the get go, so all the information was there. (More Chris Polli videos, just what I was waiting forrrrrrrr! :)) There was basically only execution left and that’s where the trouble all started.



1. The Hidden Lion

There is no better start to a quest than not knowing where to start. 

Long story short: Spend half an hour scouting different discord channels to find out where to start. Gather 150 drops from different kinds of mobs, add 50 oils and throw them in your alchemy tool in one of your residences. Easy enough. But the naga’s and the fogans that dropped the required items didn’t seem to like my lvl 62 witch. Nothing dropped for a whole half an hour. Turned out they preferred lower level characters, so there I was, venturing out with my lvl 30 ranger that knows only 1 spell: right click and shoot arrow! Took me just about over two hours to get all the drops needed, because obviously the place was swarmed with co-pioneers trying to get their drops on the first day of the challenge too. Right then: alchemy done, got a scroll out of it, ran the scroll the castle where it was supposed to be used, waited over two hours for the ingame night to fall and there it was: frustration numbero uno: A million of people trying to use their scroll, massive lag and nothing worked. A million of people disappointed and grieving. And no quest completion. Worst of all: my scroll was gone!  Well, yours truly has a built in rage-quit button and it was used that night, I went to bed and got up the next day to give it a second try. Hopped on a super popular server at nighttime, spam clicked the chair where the book was supposed to spawn on, never actually SAW it spawn but I got the item. I did not get another scroll, I think I may have stolen someone else’s. Tada. Quest one done.  I SHOULD have listened to my gut right there and throw in the towel right there and then. Alas, I’m writing this post, so I clearly didn’t. 

Total time spent: 2 hours farming, 2 hours waiting, 30 minutes crying.
Frustration level: 2/10 (I had a good night sleep… it helps.)



2. The Aged Lion

Born in the fields, she fled to wilderness, where, with the wind, she loved to run all day. Faster than most, she basked in loneliness. No tears she shed, for running was her play. Show the girl a bunch of that she loved most, and a flower, like herself, she will bloom.

People figured out pretty quickly that you needed to visit a girl’s grave and put 10 horse racing seals on her grave through a quest. After 100 people would have done so on your server, you’d be able to pick up roses with the quest item. Easy enough, as I arrived there, the roses were right there. Good thing too, because I never raced with a horse, so I never got any of those seals. 

Total time spent: 7 minutes of horse riding.
Frustration level: still 2/10 



3. A Prickly Remark

War is always fought with the masses’ blood. Born to wealth, she stood on the people’s side. There lie traces of her, hopping from rooftop to rooftop for the name of god, god’s might, and god’s consent. Fulfill her will by daring to covet the possession of those who coveted the possession of others, and the path shall open. 

Hopping from one roof to another? Hells yeah! Count me in. Nobody can climb invisible walls and break textures like my witch can. But then it turned out to be harder than I thought. I was going to cheese the mechanic and get my lahn out. Lahn have a cool ability that makes them glide and dance through the air, ultimately enabling them to fly a short distance. It worked fine to get on top of the church’s roof, but not to get on the top of the bell tower. That required climbing it with an invisible ladder through a quest that would only be accessible for a 3 hours ingame night-time. being 15 minutes of real time and 10 minutes to complete it. A window of opportunity of 15 minutes every 4 hours and I missed mine twice. Because life happens, and hungry tummies happen. And thus 8 hours of time wasted, sitting around basically, happened too. 

Total time spent: 8 hours of waiting for a quest to be accessible. 
Frustration level:  3/10 (even though that was technically my fault I missed my opportunities, it was still infuriating)



4. Loyalty’s Fall

The morning star tops the valley lily’s pistil. Traces of Agris having traveled here past. The way to the star opens at the right time, but without patience, it is shut fast. Dear those who read these words, mark my words. For in your sight, the truth won’t always lie.

Aaah killing some rabbits. Quick rabbits but not quite quick enough for my ranged witch. This quest was really easy. No frustration here for a change! Let me assure you this was a really nice trap for any kind of positive vibe that maybe, perhaps, it wouldn’t be all that bad! God, did I get baited.

Total time spent: 10 seconds. 
Frustration level:  back to 2/10 (I cheered up)



5. The Young Lion

After the long night, droplets will adorn. Bend not, nor yield, to the repeating trials. The strongest, most beautiful, first furloughed, And their fragrance, the air it shall beguile, Then, like the morn, bright smiles shall welcome thee. Dewed purple flowers, the start it shall be…

Get 4 fairly common items, throw them in a cooking pot and get make a bottle of wine. Throw in two more ingredients and get another kind of deluded wine. Then throw in two more ingredients and get a refined deluded wine. And then.. well then do it again until you get the quest item. This is no rocket science, especially with the knowledge of which items needed to be used and how many. But the chance of getting the deluded, refined and then eventually the quest item… ugh. Some people have good fortune in this game, while I do not. I ended up with 348 attempts total on all stages before I got the quest item. I obviously ran out of materials, had to go to the river myself and scoop the right kind of water because the market place was empty… (of course…) but there was a silver lining: I never lost the previous stage kind of wine. Knowing Korean developers and their disgusting idea of an enhancement system, I am incredibly grateful for their mercy that I didn’t always have to start anew from stage 1 wine.

Total time spent: just a bit over 1 hour. 
Frustration level:  still 2/10 (A bit annoyed, but not frustrated. I’ve known my bad rng for quite a while now, I gave up being upset about it)



6. The King and the King

Find a worthy prey, this you asked of me. A promise I won’t be able to keep. As for a worthy prey, only one I’ve seen. After which, no other I’ve come to seek. Look for me no more. Alas, it pains you. Stilled my breath, on my prey’s steps I’m drawn to.

Holy poop, I hate hunting. Get a sniper rifle and shoot seagulls out of the air is pretty straightforward. Managed to get it going after 5 minutes of ramming random keys on my keyboard. Combined it with weasel meat into a big wolf trap and ventured off to summon the big papa wolf. Damn, I was foolish enough to believe the guide that said I would be perfectly fine with my beginner 2 hunting skill….. but sweet baby jebus that thing was not happy to see me. So I died. He had claws and he fought back. And yes I could have healed myself if I could have equipped my staff to do so, but I found there to be bugs with equipping and un-equipping matchlocks and it kept telling me “condition for using this item has not been met”. So I stood there, hitting the boss’s nose with my fishing rod instead because it was the only thing I could think of to unlock it…. and.. and.. and… well by the time I had managed to put my staff back on, I was dead. And my trap was broken. So I needed to get back to shooting seagulls, kill more weasels and try again. Witch with big useless bazooka versus angry wolf take 2. Going much better, shooting it right in the face, boom! Equipping fishing pole, moving, equipping staff, healing, equipping matchlock… more boom! Until boom ran out of juju. The matchlock broke and the boss had hp left. Well shit 🙂 I didn’t die that time, I ran like the bloody wind. Off to get yet ANOTHER trap, more seagulls, more weasels… you know the drill by now. Got myself not 1 but 3 (!) matchlocks and finally ended up putting down that rabid beast. Easy? My big fat hairy butt, yeah. But I managed to loot the item covered in sticky goo, cleaned off and completed the quest.

Total time spent: 2 hours. 
Frustration level:  4/10 (Nothing more annoying than having to try 3 times on something that would be “easy” if there weren’t issues with things as simple as equipping items mid-fight.)



7. The Prince and the Prince

Stand still by the wharf, with stars sprinkling down like salt, and listen to the foghorn’s sad, lonely tune. My first love also fell to time’s assault, as my heart to fleeting years not immune. But my heart remains there with my past love, as it should wander to places than thereof.

Oh I do not want to be reminded of this quest. I’m not a huge fan of the desert. In real life, I don’t like sand and even the thought of running my toes through it, makes me cringe. It’s probably related. Moping to no avail. The quest required me to buy a trade item from the utmost west part of the desert and trade it off in another town. Obviously the little adder in the oasis grass being that the quest item only had “a chance” to be looted afterwards. Chance… rng… so screwed. So, so, SO screwed. Went to Arehaza to trade the item, thought I’d be smart and buy several… stocked up my horse full of them, stocked myself up to weight limit… AAAAAAAND forgot that I couldn’t mount the horse with trade items in my inventory. I sure as hell wasn’t going to RP-walk through the desert so I thought I’d get my horse wagon sent off to the stables here. Did so, filled it up (obviously overweight to “save time” because I have wonderful ideas like that) and then found out that a wagon in the desert is slower than a turtle being blown in its butthole. Auto-drive, tv on, 15 minutes later…. 12 attempts to get the quest item and… nothing. Logged another character due to the 12 trade limit per timed lock-out, ran to Arehaza from the absolute other side of the game map, filled up the boot again, more afk-driving, more tv…. 12 new tries and…. *poof*. Magic smokes of nothing. Did it on my third alt as well, with the same exciting result, nada. Not a single thing. You know there is a point where you wonder if it’s just not “bugged for you”. That would have been the moment. I went to bed completely pissed off for losing over 4 hours of pointless riding around, and swore I would just give up on the sodding quest-line. That was the first time I swore that. Not the last time. But I got up and figured it was so stupid leaving it there after all this effort…. so I tried again. And I did get the item on first round trip of the new day. Ah, persistence is key. People said afterwards it was much easier using an elephant mount. If only I had read that before I finished the quest. 
Funny anecdote, as I was driving my fourth batch of items, I had a guy on Diné (unicorn) run up to me just as I was striding through the sand slower than I would have walked there by foot, and tell me: “whoah holy shit dude, you have faith”. I could have easily been killed in the desert for that is what the desert stands for AND lose all the trade items in my wagon, but I did not. Thank the old gods and the new.

Total time spent: Well over 4 hours (including running all my alts to Arehaza on shitty horses). 
Frustration level:  6/10 



8. Sheathed Claws

When you’re unsure and your heart is confused, sit by the water, quietly in thought. At the end of countless strands of thought fused, like prickly thorns, actions stand out, wrought, so don’t despair if the answers aren’t right. A moment’s wits lose to diligence.

Fishing. Everyone’s favourite afk-pass-time. It’s another story when you have to actively fish and you are in a hurry. I don’t really mind. I think fishing is one of the few things in this game along with horse-breeding where my rng is not completely bogus. I always fish up a ridiculous amounts of shards every night 🙂 Aaaaanyway. People have reported spending as much as 8 hours and more fishing to get this quest item, I got lucky and got the item around the 20th cast. 

Total time spent: 20 minutes, give or take, getting to that exact spot took the longest. 
Frustration level:  down to 5/10 because I know I dodged a painful bullet there.



9. A Tempting, Secret Accord

At the place where the wing soared high above the skies and melted down horribly, I shall wait, away from prying eyes. So dear brother, don’t forget about me. Our new spirit, stubborn as a mule, shall not be waiting for us, oh how cruel.

Pretty random. Take this quest, take that quest, and that one, and that one but don’t complete them. Then take another and DO complete it. You know you’re in for a treat when the title of the quest is called “Patience is a virtue”. Fortunately it was another 3 fishing quests before I was able to pick up the quest I needed for the mystery challenge. And yet again, I proved to be really lucky because it did require two rare fish to be whipped up, and I got them on my second and third cast. It didn’t end there though, it sent me up to the highest top of the Valtarra Mountains for some quality mounting climbing. I don’t know if there was a secret ladder again that had to be enabled but I spent the majority of half an hour trying every possible path up there. With jumping elixirs, and crystals and whatever not. I eventually managed with my dreamhorse but I don’t know how others possibly could have done so without. Pretty lame that completing the quest-line requires you to own one of the hardest/most expensive things in the game.

Total time spent: 1 hour, give or take. 
Frustration level:  6/10 



10. An Old Man’s Tears 

In a world you lived, carried to and from, how do you plan on responding, do tell? Whether it’s correct, it matters not so. Even your thoughts, not important as well. What’s most of value is the people’s faith. I shan’t pass, if memories are unscathed.

Aaaaaaaaand back to the whole other side of the map, this time to sacrifice a couple of ring accessories onto a pile of …. flowers. In retrospect when the guide tells you that it’s probably best to do it in a party because it can take upto 100 rings or more, you likely don’t want to do like me and go there solo, at 2 am in the morning with only 3 rings in your pocket. yeah… Just as I was about to take off to the marketplace a couple more people arrived but none of them had rings on them so I figured I’d be the Mother Theresa of the gang. I rode to the marketplace, I bought 80 rings, I drove and swam back to the island with the flower just to find the item waiting there for me ready to loot. I did not just waste 80 million silver. Ah well, at least they sold fast. And that’s where the gates of hell really opened up.

Total time spent: 30 minutes. 
Frustration level:  6/10 



11. The Abandoned

Nina. The name that lit the flames of love, melting away the cold heart of Constantine. You atop the stage of my words above, the sea-soaring lark of beauty unseen. Like a flower, Nina. A name so sweet. Nina…from your mind, my name doth retreat?

Find a duck, they said. It’s somewhere in the ocean, they said. *gauges her eyes out* You’re at that point where you’re really quite tired of this quest line as it is, and then you are thrown into the sea with nothing but one advice: take your fastest ship. My ship is not too shabby. It’s a humble little caravel and she’s not all that slow either thanks to all the slaves, errr I mean goblins I got locked up in her barrel. Fuck the duck. Seriously. Fuck it good. How developers can consider it challenging to sail the water for hours and hours to find an event pond to fish in, and then not even giving that item a 100% chance to drop is way.. WAY beyond me. Whatever they were on when they came up with that quest, I want some. So I sailed around for 5 hours before I rage quit to bed for the third time in this quest line. I found a couple of hotspots with porgy, I got around 30 of them little yellow fuckers but no quest item. At that point, I wasn’t even sure if I had the right hotspots because there were so many other ones as well that weren’t part of the event. So the next day, I took a low level character with no fishing experience (because she could ONLY see the event ponds) and sailed her to the utmost east of the sea, where people said they had the best luck of finding pools. The downside being that she had no sailing experience either, and the boat was slow. Very, very slow. Too slow, so that other adventurers got to the ponds before me and I always got a cast off after the pools of fish had despawned. Another 4 hours of sailing, before I finally caught that shitty duck, that doesn’t even look like a duck. I was ready to give up right there and then. Honestly not worthy of anyone’s time but my OCD wouldn’t me quit way past hallway the finish line, so I went on. It only got worse.

Total time spent: 9 hours and my faith in fishing vanished.
Frustration level:  9/10 



12. The Eagle’s Lament

You are not alone. For hope lies in you. Smile, for you can beat away the headwinds. Following the light shall lead you askew, so solely in faith, knock four times within, then will open, the tightly-shut latch and gate. Yet time is a swift arrow, it shan’t wait.

You call your game an mmo, but you remove all the interesting cooperative group play and trading with others from the game. You basically design a soloplay game in a world with other people around you. And then you decide to come up with a quest that requires a party and what.. you just hope it’s gonna work out fine? Are Koreans religious people? Do they believe in miracles? Again this quest required a matchlock for shooting owls. You know how I feel about them glitchy matchlocks. I even got myself a good one, all embellished and enhanced. There were a lot of video’s up from people doing it solo, but I tried and I didn’t manage. My final owl always de-spawned even when I had the right order and I was fast enough to get there…. So eventually after wasting all my energy into getting new summoning scrolls, I caved in and joined a group. Too fast, not fast enough, I’m not too sure what worked or what didn’t but after 4 attempts we all got the item. Hnnng. I guess I was just out of patience altogether, still drained from the previous quest *duckface* But on the bright side… only 5 quests left. How hard could it be?

Total time spent: 2 hours. 
Frustration level:  10/10 



13. The End of Philandering

‘Tis not coincidence, but more like fate. The world I desired, the life I sought. Not found on earth, as I wandered stagnate, to the place of passion’s peak, I was brought. Strolling through the clouds, if you face by chance, no one will know that one died while two pranced.

Philandering: the act of a man frequently entering into casual sexual relationships with women.  What the actual fuck? Anyway as it turns out, the quest content was as retarded as the quest’s title. In dutch we have a song. I’m not even kidding. “ik spring uit een vliiiiiieeeegmasjieeeeeeeeen, alleen maar om jou te zieeeeeeeeeeeeeen” literally translated to “I am jumping out of an air-machine, just to see you”. Well, I jumped out of an air machine alright, a sky balloon. A couple of times. 29 times, give or take. This is the point where the quest-line just goes beyond the absurd. Mind blown. Take the sky balloon from one city to another, jump out midway, log out, log back in and find yourself falling out of the balloon and land, on a tiny little platform in the middle of the air that is barely bigger than a small circle around your feet and pray to the old gods and the new that you don’t miss it and crash to your death. In an ideal world, perhaps, with some imagination it would have been fun, unique and playful, but in a reality full of latency, connection issues, glitching and slow loading times, this was just a complete heap of crap. I have a good PC, I can play just fine on high graphic settings. And I fell through that platform countless times before it was loaded. I only managed to get it done, after I restarted my pc, shut off every other application, put my settings to low, lower and lowest and only THEN could I even see the platform load before I fell to my death. It took me 3 more attempts to nail the landing because just as is the nature of latency, it’s not exactly a stable number. What on earth are you all thinking??? So yeah sure, let’s make it a bit better by making the platform ever SOO slightly bigger on 1 server only, causing everyone to haul over to that 1 server, including the wieners and the grievers standing at the sky balloon’s loading dock, just pissing people off by ordering balloons to the wrong destination. It’s not enough of a waste of time, that one out of two tries, the actual balloon to the right city takes the wrong route and you have to jump out regardless. And die. And run back. Result: queues, people crying, people getting incredibly frustrated for seeing their balloon ninja’d in front of their eyes even if they paid for the ride, because well… there are only two seats and the winner takes it all. I can’t even put to words what kind of a shit-show went down on that server when I was there. People were trying to organize actual RP queuing lines. Do you honestly expect people to stand and wait in line, if they kill you spontaneously just for taking a mob down in their imaginary territory? Yeah, no. I didn’t think so. It was a complete disaster. It was worse than that, it was pure hell. And next time you make a quest that requires dying, dying and dying again (as would appear to be the same for the next quest as well), for the love of gawd, give us free instant resurrections on the spot. Running back 15 minutes just to try again? What do you think, that we will meditate on the way back and find zen?

Total time spent: 5 hours. 
Frustration level:  15/10 



14. A Sudden End of Hostilities

‘Behold! Starting from the sun until the very moon. I stand here past a pitiful gravestone. Past the icy sun and hardened clouds hewn, what is needed to reach the moon? Ye who seeks to achieve first, pay the price. Ye who attempts last, thank the sacrifice.

I should have left it to cool off after the previous quest but I just wanted to get it all out of the way. And I read everywhere that the worst was over. On my way to the Sherekhan Necropolis, I watched a couple of video’s on how to play the jumping game and it didn’t look all that difficult. I am not a complete clumse when it comes down to acrobatics. I am usually just about agile enough to pull them off. And I read that since the patch, a few days prior to my attempts, a whole part of the quest that required sacrificing 55 lambs on one of the top platforms had been permanently disabled so at least there was that. “It’ll be fine!”. Famous last words. Black Desert Online has many merits, but mechanical control is just not one of them. Try to make the same jump identically pressing the same buttons and the same times, and you will land that jump differently 3 times. There is just no pulling a straight line. It was fine getting to the top, but then the platforms started moving and no matter how accurate it looked on my screen, my witch would just NOT grip herself on the ledge and kept falling off and off and off again. It’s a long way down the necropolis tower. You have a lot of time to contemplate about your death before you crash into the floor. It was actually pretty scary and the palms of my hands were wet every time I got one platform higher up. I was just about to throw my PC out of the window when my bff started to feel really sorry for me and joined in to cheer me up and help me out. Usually extremely agile and in full control in any other game I’ve ever seen him play, even he was struggling to get up there. He has a potatoe PC and the glitching off platforms, falling through, de-synching and teleporting off was even worse than for me. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, he also got himself stuck a couple of times inside the mountain texture with no way out except an escape mechanism on a 30 minutes cooldown. Imagine being stuck in the floor for 30 minutes or until some other scrub falls down into the same pit and kindly kills you off out of pity to set you free. The mood got really dire. He wanted to help me so badly but no matter how hard we tried, Suma did just not manage to get up there. It was 1 AM, we were both tired and completely disappointed. That quest kind of broke my spirit. It takes a whole lot to kill the good mood between the both of us, but we both sat there being silent thinking well, what if we actually get stuck here on one of the last quests and we really can’t get it done. But Suma and Sage don’t just give up. It’s not in our dictionary. So at 2 AM, Suma finally reached the top. AND THEN IT TURNED OUT WE NEEDED 3 MORE PEOPLE UP THERE TO EVEN SPAWN THE DAMN QUEST ITEM?????? Good luck with that, at 2 in the morning. I had several cardiac arrests, as my witch almost fell through the top platform a few times, resulting in just staying completely idle and off the keyboard until the quest item spawned and I was finally able to get it. I think we got a third one up there around 2.30 and a 4th around 3.15. He was a clever git, he used some kind of deflection spell that counted as a separate entity, making the count up there to 5, and spawning the item. That’s where I decided I would never, NEVER participate in such events ever again. Thank god for amazing, supportive bff company. I’d of never made it up there without him. And what did he think of this quest? I quote: “These game devs can suck my toes”. And he is pretty damn serious about his toes. 

Total time spent: 6 hours. 
Frustration level:  21/10 



16. The Kidnapped Princess

Craving blood, the heart turned pale from waiting, swallowed up by nature’s thick, green embrace. Beat their back and out it’d come vomiting, yet clotted blood would not fall from its place. When the children come to feast on the mother, keep them in line, scold if out of order.

And then the worse was REALLY over. Get a scroll, summon a dim tree spirit, chop him down with an axe… I laughed. It wasn’t very difficult, it took me a couple of attempts to get the little treants right as they needed to be killed in a particular order but it wasn’t infuriating by any means. And it was a new day, so that always helps ! I had to change my axe three times because it ran out of durability, a bit tricky deleting things from your inventory when you got the boss’s tentacles molesting you from behind but I managed, just to read a couple days after on another guide that “You can still use the axe when it is on 0 durability and it will still deal damage.”. Hardmode: success 🙂

Total time spent: 30 minutes. 
Frustration level:  20/10 (because I hate a good night’s sleep)



17. War Hero

My sun, having shrunk and ever so white, the gift you’ve bestowed has also turned small, so live as you wish. It’s only your life. Take it easy. It’s okay for you to set. Is it too late for your fire to burn? Here’s the wood for your heart, you so much yearn.

Another quest with out of whack rng but when you have gone through all the pain of the quests up above, it just does not matter anymore. Not one single bit. You make as much portable firewoods and put Tarif ablaze if you have to, that broom….willl… spawn….whether….it….wants…….or….not!!!! I got mine when I used my 44th firewood on the magic circle on the deck near the storage keeper. I didn’t even technically SEE the broom, but I have a habit of just spamming R as a reflex now 🙂 It worked, previous to last quest… DONE!

Total time spent: 1 hour. 
Frustration level:  20/10 



18. Roxanne’s Curse

If I, as wind, swept your hair, you’d not know. If I, as rain, drenched your clothes, you’d not know. At the start, I am standing, waiting, so. At the end, you are standing, waiting, so. Even if you’re tempted, in between, stand firm. For our child shall be born in order.

Funny enough, I read a lot of negative feedback about this last quest because apparently it took the treasure vultures a really really long time and just a many hints from the game moderators to find the code that was needed to get the resplendent bead sent to them by mail. Not much of a problem for me because by the time I finished up all the above, the code was well known and spread around like wild fire. The rest was just a matter of adding the right ingredients to my alchemy tool and POP! There it was. Concentrated Dawnlight. Damnit, a quest item never looked that good in my backpack. We handed it in at Jordine and I’m not gonna lie… there was a little squeek of satisfaction and a little happy dance. 

Total time spent: 30 minutes. 
Frustration level:  20/10 

So, am I happy that I finished it?

Yes, on shear persistence and determination but yes, mostly just happy that I woke up from the nightmare.
Afk fishing never felt that good afterwards.

Will I ever do it again?

Ranging from very, very, VERY unlikely to no fucking way. It sways.

How do I feel about it now?

I pity the players who were trying to get up the Heidel church yesterday, aka Monday at 8 pm. There is no way that you will ever finish this before Wednesday mah dudes. There is no way.