I’ve been bitten by a travel bug. And considering the amount of itch, it must have been a really huge bug. Whenever I see a photo album or read a travel blog post, I’m halfway there. I love the comfort of my  hyggehome but I guess curiosity sparks the wanderlust in me.



I travel so I won’t run out of dinner party conversations..

And I blog about it, so I won’t forget the brave adventures I’ve been on, once my friend Al (Zheimer btw.) comes peeping ’round the corner. Considering the amount of holes I already have in my cheese at thirty-something, it’s not even THAT farfetched.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” 
– Nelson Mandela

I truly believe that a good life is a collection of happy memories. And the best gifts in life are not in the material objects bought from a store, but in the memories we make with the people we love.


That one time when I found a Kinder chocolate egg in Moscow that was more expensive than the bottle of Vodka right next to it. Or that time when I visited the London Zoo and all the animals were dead (or was it was global English nap time?). Or that time I ate my weight in Pastéis de Belem and had to roll myself back to Lisbon. Another memory I’m very fond of is the one where I almost killed my bestie P. climbing  Park Guell in Barcelona. And when I was genuinely surprised that Wales wasn’t completely built on sheep manure. Time walking in the Holy land of Israel and getting nauseous by the combined smells of sewer and pigeon shit in the ever so charming Venice. 
No, I’ll never want to forget.


B from Biking with Bestie in Barcelona

C from Cwtches in the Castle of Caerdydd 

L  from Letting it Loose in Lisbon

M from muscovite makeover in Moscow

P from Putting the Porto in Portugal

S from Seriously Scorched in Sevilla

T from Timewalking in Tel Aviv 

V from Venetian Vanity

Also on my “been there, done that”-list:

London • Wales • Leeds • Cambridge • Manchester • Newcastle • Edinburgh •  Copenhagen • Porto • Coimbra • Guimaraes • Braga • Vila Real • Andalusia • Granada • Cordoba • Bilbao • Paris • Versailles • Lille • Bretagne • Monaco • San Marino • Ravenna • Cesenatico • St-Petersburg • Disentis • Bern • Köln • Dusseldorf • Aachen • Amsterdam • Rotterdam • Delft • Eindhoven • Tilburg • Utrecht • Haifa • Caesaria • Yafo • Herzliya • Rehovot

& obviously Belgium, my cradle.

Disclaimer August 2020: So I ran into a bit of a pickle. I got myself hacked by a numb-nut who targeted outdated and inactive blogs. Thank you stranger, for not only molesting my privacy with a massive sledge hammer, but also destroying half a million of amazing travel memories. Good thing is, I have all the pictures and collages on my back up drives. Bad thing is, I lost almost all the texts that went with it. So as I pin down the places and the things I’ve seen, you’re just gonna have to take my word for it, or you can ask my mum. I may or may not reconstruct the lost posts in due time but making new memories instead doesn’t even sound that bad either. 


“How much would you risk to save this wretched world?”

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