In the Blizzard universe, Sumanhi is a Night Elf restoration druid in World of Warcraft and a wizard/witchdoctor in Diablo III. In Hots, she commands Lunara and Malfurion and she occasionally flips a deck of cards in Hearthstone. In Black Desert Online, Sumanhi is a kick ass witch, horse breeder, knowledge hunter and a very annoying pacifist in a world of pvp battling. When Suma is not in reach of a PC, she’s probably playing Candy Crush Soda on phone. Or sleeping with the cats.


WoW is an online roleplaying game where players from around the world assume the roles of heroic fantasy characters and explore a virtual world full of magic, and endless adventure. For 13 years already, I’ve been a druid. I currently play on Sylvanas EU, in a cosy guild called Epilogue, with Sumanhi and a small arsenal of healer alts. It’s pretty fair to assume I’ve healed a lot. A whole lot. And then some more. I raid competitve semi-hardcore mythic content three nights a week.


 When Vixxie becomes Sumanhi



I get excited when I listen to ZZTop’s “Waking up With Wood”. But I belong to the real life female species. I lack all fundamental ingredients for ever being able to wake up with wood myself, so I decided to roll a tree in World of Warcraft. A big, massive, throbbing… Ent. After many years of practice, I now possess my share of e-peen and the attitude that goes with it.

I started blogging after friends had repeatedly told me I needed an outlet for my flustered mind. I think they got both concerned and frightened of my constant verbal assaults on their online fora, and excessively long diatribes through email and on Facebook. (I have a somewhat cathartic need to dissect experiences into words). But then real life got me on a tighter leash and because of various reasons, I lost motivation to blog about all things druid. I realized that playing the actual game and talking about it with IRL friends & boyfriend, brought me much greater joy than being scrutinized by fellow writers for paraphrasing the ideas of others in cyberspace.

Alas, the path to hell is paved with good intentions and “Me and My Epic wood” went comatose. For a very long time, I kept the blog online for the sake of nostalgia. Because some day, I’d update that healing guide. Some day, I’d finish the lore project and materialize all the great ideas I had.


But then Twitch happened, and gamers became more interested in tittie streams (or shaming tittie streams) than in conversation. Youtube and monetizing the game happened and then finally Discord happened. All the awesome guides and conversation disappeared in neatly categorized channels and pins. That’s when I decided to take the blog offline for good. No one needs strategy guides from 3 expansions ago, no matter how great the images were. And that’s okay because times change. Gamers change. And the gamergirl behind “Me and My Epic wood” changed too.

Instead, you can now read about everything I enjoy while playing ALL the games I play, and especially read about the things I don’t like 🙂



“You’re an interesting one. I wonder if your friends know what you truly are.”

Sumanhi blows out 10 birthday candles

Busy busy busy. Because last Wednesday, we finally got access to our pre-purchased versions of Warlords of Draenor. Busy with keeping on top of my compulsive disorder collecting followers, new toys, new pets, achievements, … The sleepless nights kind of busy in a very nerdy way. Anyway, you get my drift. Things will be getting even […]

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A bit of Halloween. A bit of horror.

You have got to love the Halloween madness. Halloween has officially not even occurred yet, but it has been rammed down my throat so often the past week that it will last me for at least three decades. Not only do I get kindly reminded every hour of the fact that I have been missing […]

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