Add colour to your black and white.
Let go of the past and start to live.
Be remarkable and be unique
but fairly take and fairly give.

Acknowledge the power of a smile,
be grateful whenever you die of laughter
Realize that “happily ever now”
is the key to “happily forever after”.

Convey the passion that burns inside
and reach for every goal you’ve set.
Success is getting what you want,
happiness is wanting what you get.

Trust your instincts, be open minded
and fine tune your intuition.
Stop the whine, start to shine.
Let unconditional love be your ambition.

Learn to say yes! to your curiosities
and celebrate all your contradictions.
Pledge to remain honest & live
with integrity and without pretensions.

Stop wearing your wishbone
where your backbone is supposed to be.
Don’t be a judgmental ass,
Allow forgiveness to set you free.

Life is richest when we become good
at a large array of different things.
Embrace all new opportunities
and have faith in what the future brings.

vixxie’s manifesto for a happy soul


Remember that Einstein once said:
creativity is intelligence having fun.
Disappointments go down smoother
with a sense of humor and a pun.

Do no harm but take no shit,
do keep that attitude in check.
Believe in the power of conversation,
don’t let worries turn you into a wreck.

Help people to make smoothies
when life throws a lemon or two.
Aspire to bring a smile to their faces,
without further ado.

No point waiting for the storm to pass,
you can learn to dance in the rain.
Keep you chin up and let no attempt
to cheer you up, ever be in vain.

Instant feelgood equals eating Nutella
with a spoon straight from the jar.
Cuddles make the world go round:
no matter where, near or from afar.

A good night’s sleep & a hot cécémel
can soak up a river of sorrow
If a decision looks foolish today,
it’s wiser to wait until tomorrow.

Don’t think of all the misery
but of the beauty that remains instead.
Work to live, don’t live to work.
Spend those Sunday’s in your bed.

all aboard the vixxie train

Do you like unicorns, dreamcatchers, stegosauruses, singing coffee cups, clumsy cats, romantic cuddling, heavy metal and/or colourful pink socks? I like them… and if you like them, then we obviously have something in common.


I am just a woman with flawed mission and a blog that was primarily created to be a venue of self-expression. Trials and tribulations that my circle of friends and family didn’t have to know about. Except that they’ve found out, and now leave the odd comment. I came to terms with being not so anonymous and my blog now compares to a journey of clumsiness without the clever bit. But writing and ranting still helps to take the sting off the slow climb over 30 that I’m on. It’s a very cheap therapy, and we all know how much we love cheap things.


I am a girlfriend, a daughter, a friend, a mother of sorts, a fulltime designer, a teacher, a reader,  a sinner, a game addict,  a wanderer, one who laughs often, a student, a heartbreaker, a model in my own mind, a scavenger, a part time faerie, a tree (long story), a collector of pink socks, an artist, a traveler and definitely a rebel without a cause. So yeah, who I am and what I’m all about isn’t exactly easy to summarize. To keep it short: I wish I was who I was when I was wishing to be who I’ve become. And now, I spend my days finding zen in this weird, wired world.

A handful of things about Vixxie:
  • I am fluent in Sarcasm
  • I like canihascheeseburger and thefluffingtonpost
  • I have the empathic capacity of a sea cucumber
  • I have legitimate creative ADD
  • I am intuitive -my brain is always in a hurry
  • I don’t discriminate -I hate everybody and everything equally
  • I’m a solid fan of the “Fuck It” response,
  • I live by the principle of “win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat” and
  • I am not weird, I’m limited edition.

Nickname: Vixxie

Superhero alias: Genie-in-a-bottle.
If I could choose one superhero power, it would be the ability to grant wishes.

Number #1 bad habit: Coffee overload

Age: 26 (since 2009)

Height: 1m73

Hair color: hex#351B0A (dark auburn)

Eye color: hex#3F3007 (hazel)

Theme song: “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks.
“I’m your hell, I’m your dream. I’m nothing in between. Just when you think you got me figured out, the season’s already changing”.

Ultimate joy: Spooning with a loudly purring Dubio in the sofa and rubbing Ghana’s chubby black tummy.

Proudest moment: Every time I can prove someone wrong !

I have two memories in particular I’m very fond of.

  1. I once went shopping in a supermarket with a friend when he picks up a led light in promotion and says “wow, this is nice. And the box is really pretty. I’m going to buy it”. It turned out to be a packaging I designed and he didn’t know.
  2. Being personally complimented by the CEO of Blizzard (the producer of the game I have been playing for ten+ years) about a poster design I made for a promotional guild stunt.
Lowest slump: Going to sleep with make-up and looking like a member of KISS in the morning
Brag-worthy accolade: I’m one terrific cook. Friends, lover and family can testify!

Food I can’t have in the house or I would eat all of it in one sitting: Brownies. And cherry tomatoes.

Movie I can quote nearly all the lines from: 50 first dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

I can not leave home without: Betsy (smartphone) and Bumblebee (transformer tablet)

Arch-nemesis: Time. The only red line in my life is a chronic lack of time.

Arch-angel: Him, the Buddha to my zen.

Ultimate quote: “They say I’m cocky and I say whaaaat? It ain’t bragging motherfucker if you back it up !” From Kid Rock 🙂

Signature catchphrase: “I’ve got this.” Nothing a solid piece of duct-tape can’t fix.

Power-chakra: Svadhisthana, “sweetness.” I feel. This energy is both emotional and sensual.

Nondenominational prayer for the world: Peaceful acceptance is the mother of all harmony.