A bit of Halloween. A bit of horror.

You have got to love the Halloween madness.

Halloween has officially not even occurred yet, but it has been rammed down my throat so often the past week that it will last me for at least three decades.

Not only do I get kindly reminded every hour of the fact that I have been missing one (only one!) filthy flimsy gay mask for the past two years but it also doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it anytime soon. I did get the Horseman’s Reins though, like the other 95% of players on the server. But hey, let’s be positive, with my luck I might as well have been one of those 5% who are crying their eyes out next to one of the mass candy buckets scattered around Azeroth as we speak.

Nothing has changed ingame this year other than that you can now queue in the dungeon finder and speed up the process of collecting your goodiebags from the holiday boss. Which is unfortunate because I will have no other option left than to go rack up the free gold scouting all the inns on my alts. I was planning a nice evening out, getting dressed up in a slutty costume, impersonating an appalling sorceress, wearing nothing but a magic hat and rigorously placed broomstick but I figured that it would only fill my bucket with restraining orders instead of MnM’s and Yumyums. So I am spending Samhain at home, curled up in my blanket, while bitching about the global Americanization of my pagan holidays and stirring a diet coke with my wand instead. Might as well paint Snuggles black for the occasion. And scare away as many kids as I possibly can to keep the season spirit alive. I will make sure to hand out only healthy muesli bars and honey crackers. Or even better! Those cookies you buy in Charity Fund retail stores, made in Third Tier countries under the false pretence of contributing to international awareness. The kind of biscuit that will end up on the bottom of every cookie jar, where it will remain for half a year until a starved sod with nothing else to eat breaks a jaw on it because it’s turned zestless. (If in the third world people are dying of hunger and still choose to export that shit, why would you believe the taste is bearable?). Besides, I am not allowed to give away the candybars and cookies we like, my boyfriend puts up those incredibly irresistable puppyeyes whenever I want give away his Jaffa cakes. So I usually always choose “trick” when a child pulls up at my front door, to check what he or she is made of. If that brat throws in a stink bomb from the back porch because I didn’t give him a family sized Mars bar, I just conclude that kid has balls and deserves the bloody candy bar.

Bleeeh, I hate Halloween and everything related to this holiday people have decided to go apeshit about. There, I’ve said it. Stuff that in your Scream cape and smoke it.

If you are still unsure on how to survive Halloween, take a look at this:
How to survive a Zombie Attack

Oh, and….

At least we still know how to pose! Thx Lippt for the company in Raven Hill!

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  • inezgood

    Everybody warmed up and ready for their Samhain rituals? I got me broom and loads of dead people!

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