The cake is a lie, but the cats are not.


Puppet to everyone’s needs, at the back and call of both my boys, prostituting my creative skills for cold hard cash and trying to strike a balance in the theatrical strings of life. Also known as The Slave. That’s me.


The Master of Casa Vixxie, the one who bosses everyone around, the masterthief and the masterplanner behind all malice. But also The Lord of Affection and The Snuggleboss in tuxido. That’s my Dubio.


The yin to my yang, the Buddha of all things Zen, the Lord of Naptime. He, who exposes his belly for rubz and has the deepest, most mesmerizing purr of all pusses. As black as the night’s shadow, that’s my Ghana.


The two angels and the brightest stars in kittieheaven. Two lovely little girls that are no longer walking this earthly plane, but forever leaving pawprints on my heart. That’s my Chansey and my Snuggles.



  • 100 happy days 2015
  • Vixxie celebrates 15 years of independance
  • Vixxie’s letter to her sweet 16
  • Memory of my sweet Snuggles
  • Vixxie loves her inner hillbilly


“Ah. Fate is… whimsical.”

Vixxie’s Holly Jolly Christmas

Vixxie’s Holly Jolly Christmas . The end of year festivities are traditionally the most delicious, entertaining and heart warming but also most definitely the busiest days of the year. ‘t Is also the season to get a nervous breakdown trying to juggle shopping for presents, food, find a new outfit, think of the all the […]

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Vixxie found new love

Vixxie found new love . Vixxie has fallen in love. His name is Privia. He is black. Long, strong and muscled. He looks incredibly handsome from any viewing angle… sitting, lying, standing, on all fours, from beyond….  He is very responsive and sensual to the touch. He is also from Japanese origin and has 88 […]

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The Vixxie Blues

The Vixxie Blues . Learning to play guitar is a straight highway to hell. It’s a moral crusade. It’s taunting the livin’ soul out of me. But it’s also incredibly fun. Minus those times I’ve wanted to plant an axe in it and stack up on firewood for the winter. Oh you didn’t know I […]

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Vixxie goes back to school

Vixxie goes back to school . Well, kind of. Not in the physical kind of way, that hurts your bottom sitting on a wooden bench listening to the nuns 8 hours a day. (Anno 2015: things haven’t changed a single bit, I still have a sore bottom. But from the desk chair instead. 10+ hours […]

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Vixxie’s 25 facepalm designer moments

Vixxie’s 25 facepalm designer moments . My life as a designer has no shortage of smash-face-on-desk moments that every graphic designer can relate to. Here’s my favourite selection of those “funny ‘cause it’s true” scenarios . . . . . . ..  . .. 25. How it feels being the only designer at the company… 🙂 .

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Vixxie is thinking about being taught

Vixxie is thinking about being taught . Out with the slacking, in with the new. I’ve been thinking about being taught. Last time I went back to the school books, I started studying the Russian language. But then my relationship ended and I threw them books on the winter bonfire together with his pretty lies […]

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Vixxie gets homesick once in a while.

Vixxie gets homesick once in a while. . Yes, I get a bit homesick once in a while, especially when I’m reading Libelle, my favourite magazine, on Thursday and this pops up: Spring in ‘t Hallerbos (the article is in Dutch, apologies but I won’t translate it) Hallerbos is a forest not even ten minutes […]

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