Hi, I’m Vixxie! Designer by profession, writer at heart, gamergurl, travel-junkie and anti-social butterfly by choice.

Vixxieville is all about my trials and tribulations while reclaiming my dreams one at the time on this wobbly road called life. This is primarily a personal life blog,
but also has glimpses of a food, travel, do-it-yourself, design, cat and game blog. In fact, the only common denominator on this blog is: Vixxie.
And she is weirdly wired, poignant and peculiar. 
If I like it, love it, live it, eat it, see it, hear it, do it, paint it, think it or dream about it, it’s most likely gonna end up on this blog at some point.

I believe in having a good time while doing what I love, and I really do love what I do! I also happen to love sharing my passions. 

In this category you will find all my blogposts: Vixxie from A to Z. 
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October 30, 2022
Evil Jacks lurking around every corner and eerie lanterns shimmering beautifully... it's Halloween time again.

October 1st 2022
Getting fired is definitely one of the rougher experiences but some sackings are far worse than others.

Januari 2, 2022
I’ve been called a Grinch by the neighbours and I'm completely fine with that. #Goodneighboursmatter.

Currently under reconstruction.

October 30, 2022
Evil Jacks lurking around every corner and eerie lanterns shimmering beautifully... it's Halloween time again.

November 23, 2021
A trip down memory lane! Almost 2 years of seasonal fun and our alt combo's getting their graduation certificates.

December 28, 2020
It’s sweater weather with beautiful snowfall. Suma and Sage are enjoying winter holidays in game..

In game land, Vixxie becomes Loa. Or Sumanhi. A druid main in World of Warcraft, a wizard in Diablo III and in HoTS, she commands Lunara and Malfurion. In BDO, Sumanhi is a kick ass Witch (and part-time Lahn) and a very annoying pacifist in a world full of pvp. And in Lost Ark, Loa rocks the harp of her bard and provides everyone with songs of courage. When Suma is not in reach of a PC, she’s probably sleeping with the cats.

I’ve been bitten by a travel bug. And considering the amount of itch, it must have been a really huge bug. Whenever I see a photo album or read a travel blog post, I’m halfway there. I love the comfort of my hyggehome but I guess curiosity sparks the wanderlust in me.

Disclaimer August 2020: So I ran into a bit of a pickle. I got myself hacked by a numb-nut who targeted outdated and insecure blogs. Thank you stranger, for not only molesting my privacy with a massive sledge hammer, but also destroying half a million of amazing travel memories. Good thing is, I have all the pictures and collages on my back up drives. Bad thing is, I lost almost all the texts that went with it. So as I pin down the places and the things I’ve seen, you’re just gonna have to take my word for it, or you can ask my mum. I may or may not reconstruct the lost posts in due time but making new memories instead doesn’t even sound that bad either. 

January 31, 2021
These muffin-like little tarts taste just as gorgeous as they look. And they are easy peasy to make (even for your kids).

January 31, 2021
The holy trinity. Chocolate. Coffee. and Speculoos. It will take time but it IS worth every minute of effort!

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This craftie section is brand new. I’ve spammed my mates with a gazillion of pictures of all those do-it-yourself sideprojects and cooking endeavors, but never blogged about them. That’s about to change, and I’ll be adding some patterns, recipes, guides and design freebies here and there too. Excited yet? I know I am.